Book Review, “The Reluctant Warrior,” Mary Connealy author

The Reluctant Warrior cover

The Reluctant Warrior, by Mary Connealy, is the second book in the High Sierra Sweethearts series. It follows The Accidental Guardian. Set in the old west, it continues the story of travelers who have survived a wagon train attack.

Cameron Scott, a former army officer, arrives at Trace Riley’s cabin to bring his daughter and nephew home. However, the winter weather closes all trails, and Cameron and his sister, Penny, must stay until the spring. The children are terrified of him and cry any time he comes near. When the man who killed his brother and several other wagon trains over the years attempts to burn them all in their sleep, Cameron is hurt.  Gwen Harkness, who has been caring for the children for months, decides to set aside her fear of losing them in order to help Cameron win their affection. With all of their lives in danger and Cameron’s leg healing from being caught in a bear trap, Gwen and Cameron begin to feel drawn to each other.

I enjoyed this book. In true Mary Connealy style, it tells a sweet story of two people thrown together in difficult circumstances finding themselves in love. I especially appreciated Gwen’s willingness to set aside her own fears to help the children ease into their new lives and learn to accept Cameron.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction novels set in the old west.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.

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