Book Review, “The Noble Servant,” Melanie Dickerson author

the noble servant cover

The Noble Servant, by Melanie Dickerson, is a wonderful book.  It is set in the medieval time period and is a part of the books related to the Medieval Fairy Tale Novels series. In fact, some of the characters are included in this story.

Magdalen of Mallin unexpectedly receives a marriage proposal from the Duke of Wolfberg, something she has dreamed of since meeting him two years prior. Realizing also that this may be the only way to save her people since the area copper mines have failed, she quickly leaves for Wolfberg Castle. On the way, her servant forces her to trade places, leaving Magdalen to work as a servant upon arrival. Meanwhile, Steffan, the Duke of Wolfberg, returns from time spent in Prague to find that his cousin is impersonating him in Wolfberg castle. Disguising himself as a shepherd, he and Magdalen meet each other, eventually recognizing the situation and attempting to plan a way to expose the imposters.

This was a magnificent book. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Both the character development and the details of medieval life are very well done.  I especially liked the way in which the characters voiced their need to rely upon the Lord for their rescue and their needs.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys reading Christian fiction or medieval fairy tales.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.


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