Book Review, “Long Time Gone,” Mary Connealy author

long time gone cover

Long Time Gone, by Mary Connealy, is the second book in The Cimarron Legacy series.  It continues the story of the Boden family’s fight to save both their ranch and their family.  With Chance and Veronica in Denver struggling to save Chance’s leg, their children are left to continue the battle in New Mexico.

When Cole is shot, Angie Dupree arrives to assist the doctor at the Boden ranch. But as Cole begins to heal, the remainder of the family continue to investigate the attacks on their family. As they uncover more evidence that the man who died is just the beginning of their problems, they find that the evidence may lead back decades. Justin tries to protect his family and root out those responsible, but he finds himself continually distracted by Angie. When she refuses to marry him, stating her need to prove her own strength alone, he finds himself in a difficult situation. If their enemies realize his attraction to Angie, they may target her in order to get to him.

I enjoyed this book very much.  It was fast-paced and easy to follow, even if one had not read the first book in the series. I especially liked Rosita, who quietly served the family in the background in whatever way was necessary, a loyal friend.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian historical fiction.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.


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