Book Review, “NIV Faithlife Study Bible,” Zondervan publishers

NIV Faithlife Study Bible cover

The NIV Faithlife Study Bible: Intriguing Insights to Inform Your Faith, published by Zondervan, strives to reach and prove its usefulness to everyone, regardless of the level of their faith or experience with Christianity. It is put together in order to show that there is always more to learn about the Bible.

This Bible is filled with ways to assist many types of learners. Many aspects are adapted from the Faithlife Study Bible app. The individual book introductions include outlines and information about background culture, themes, and maps and timelines. The verse-by-verse study notes reveal information from the original Biblical languages. There are contributions from respected scholars such as Charles Stanley and Randy Alcorn. There are over one hundred full-color graphics, timelines, and tables. There are three detailed timelines regarding the life of Jesus. Also included are twenty-seven family trees and people diagrams to illustrate the manner in which people in the Bible are related to one another.

This hardback study Bible is amazing. It’s many tools for in-depth study would be an asset to any Bible scholar, whether just beginning to read the scriptures or already well-informed. I especially appreciated the many tables and timelines, as well as the family trees.

I would recommend this Bible to anyone studying God’s Word.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.


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