Book Review, “Do Hard Things,” Alex & Brett Harris authors

Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris, is an incredible book. In this five-year edition, the brothers reminisce about their “big idea that young people were being underestimated—badly and with devastating consequences.” They originally wrote this book to challenge other kids to have higher expectations for themselves, to Do Hard Things.

In this new edition, we find that the book has now been translated into over a dozen languages and that young people around the globe are rebelling against low expectations. Because they did not wish to change the original book, the Harris brothers opted to leave “the original content untouched while adding new material as appendixes. It’s the same book, but better.” The new content includes Questions (and Stories) to Get You Started, 100 Hard Things, and a study guide for personal or group use. It also includes information about downloadable video resources now available.

This is a marvelous book.  It definitely challenges people of all ages to set the bar higher than society’s expectations, wanting more from ourselves because God created us for more than we often realize.  I especially liked the list of 100 Hard Things, that includes varying levels of things that others have done, such as: stopped complaining, babysat for a single mom, led See You at the Pole, hosted a 30-hour famine, and ended a relationship that wasn’t healthy.

I would recommend this book not only to teenagers, but to anyone wishing to become a better person for Christ.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.



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