Book Review, “Lazarus Awakening,” Joanna Weaver author

lazarus awakening coverLazarus Awakening, by Joanna Weaver, subtitled Finding Your Place in the Heart of God, is a wonderful study. It includes three DVDs with eight video sessions, as well as a written study guide for further study.

The DVDs each include two or three seventeen to twenty minute sessions and Israel Moments, which explore the life of Christ and the Holy Land. Downloadable leaders’ guides, promotional materials, and retreat formats are also included. Designed to accompany the book with the same title as well as the DVD, the study guide for each week includes assigned chapters from the book, an Israel Moment, Make a Plan, Who I Am in Christ, a memory verse, a video guide, and a Closing Time reflection. Also included are maps, surveys, and places for notes.

The author’s enthusiasm for not only this topic, but also developing a deeper relationship with Christ and encouraging others to do so is evident throughout the videos and the study guide. I would recommend this product to anyone wishing to study Lazarus and his relationship with Jesus. I would also recommend it to anyone wishing to study his own relationship with Jesus.


I received this book and DVD series free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.

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