Book Review, “On Shifting Sand,” Allison Pittman author

On Shifting Sand coverOn Shifting Sand, by Allison Pittman, is a novel set in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl. It tells of people whose lives have dried up as much as the land around them.

Nola Merrill has been drying up a little at a time for years. The death of her mother, dealing with a gruff father, a husband who ministers to his church flock before his family, two children, and the feeling that the congregation only puts up with her because they love her husband so much all leave her feeling inadequate. When Jim, a friend her husband has not seen in years, walks into their lives, Nola feels an instant attraction. But even though she fights this feeling and plans to remain faithful to her marriage, she eventually gives in to temptation and has a brief affair with Jim. She tries to deal with this for months, becoming hospitalized with anorexia at one point, unable to withstand the guilt heavy on her soul. She knows that she needs to confess her sin to her husband, but she is afraid that he will not forgive her.

This was an interesting book. Both the details about the Dust Bowl and Nola’s personal story are well written. Nola faced a common problem, being able to confess to God but not wanting to confess to those she had sinned against. I especially liked the support she received from both her neighbor and her brother, who did not know of her affair but were encouraging in other areas.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.

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