Book Review, “Be the Message,” Kerry and Chris Shook authors

Be the Message coverBe the Message, by Kerry and Chris Shook, is a thirty-day devotional design to assist the readers in understanding the manner in which their lives can help to change to world around them. The authors maintain that living your life in practical, Biblical ways is the way to bring the message of the gospel into the lives of others.

In this “30-day adventure in changing the world around you,” each devotion contains several parts. It begins with Open Yourself to a dynamic encounter with God, then it moves on to Open God’s Word to hear God’s message. These are followed by Open Your Mind to understand God’s message then and now, Open Your Heart to the divine whisper, Open Your Life to God’s transforming power, and Open Your Arms to a world that needs to receive God’s incarnate message through you. Each devotion includes lines to write prayers, names of people to pray for and attempt to witness, or simply take notes.

This is a well-written devotional and a recommended read to anyone searching for direction in reaching the world around him.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review


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