Book Review, “When Mercy Rains,” Kim Vogel Sawyer author

When Mercy Rains coverWhen Mercy Rains, by Kim Vogel Sawyer, is an excellent novel. It addresses teenage pregnancy within the Old Order Mennonite community as well as family relationships to which anyone can relate: mother-daughter, grandmother-grandchild, and sibling relationships.

At the age of seventeen, Suzanne Zimmerman’s mother sends her away from home to have her baby and give it away to relatives. But with her heart broken from giving up her baby, she finds a newborn who has been thrown away and decides to keep the baby as her own. Nineteen years later, she is summoned home for the first time to care for her injured mother. Paul Aldrich, recently widowed and the father of Suzanne’s baby, has been hired to renovate her mother’s home. Her siblings and Paul are shocked to find out about Suzanne’s daughter, having been told nothing of her pregnancy. Her daughter is heart-broken to find that none of her family even knew she existed, and her mother reacts by pushing her away. Suzanne must decide whether to stay and explain what happened many years ago or to return to her life far away as a nurse and forget about her family.

I enjoyed this book. The characters were realistic and very likeable. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Amish fiction.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.

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