Book Review, “Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary, New and Enhanced Edition,” Ronald F. Youngblood editor

Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary coverNelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary, New and EnhanceBood Edition, edited by Ronald F. Youngblood with consulting editors F. F. Bruce and R. K. Harrison, is a current source of Biblical information that is thorough and easy to understand. First published in 1986 then revised in 1995, this latest revision contains more than 7,000 entries regarding people, places, things, and doctrines of the Bible in a single volume.

The many features of this Bible dictionary are quite impressive. Key words are based on the New King James Version of the Bible, but variant names from five other versions (KJV, NASB, REB, NIV, and NRSV) are fully cross-referenced to this. It also contains more than 500 updated or enhanced full-color photographs to illustrate Bible subjects, outlines of the books of the Bible to aid teaching, a map index and full-color maps, articles to address special topics, charts, tables, and The Visual Survey of the Bible. The enlarged print makes it easier to use than many other Bible dictionaries with small fonts.

I was impressed with this Bible Dictionary. I especially liked the hard cover and larger type print. The entries are well-written and easy to understand. The lettered index tabs make it easier to locate words quickly, and the maps were clear and simple to use.

I would recommend this resource for anyone attempting to understand the Bible more fully.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.


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