Book Review, “The Chronological Study Bible,” Thomas Nelson publishers

chronological Bible coverThe Chronological Study Bible, published by Thomas Nelson in the New International Version, is designed to take the reader on a “journey through the history and culture of the Bible.” Its goal is to assist readers in correlating Biblical history with secular history in order to understand the reasoning behind events in the Bible.

In order to accomplish this, The Chronological Study Bible includes several features. The entire text is rearranged in chronological order within nine epochs of time. There is transition commentary relating not only one passage to another, but also each passage to world history. Epoch introductions help to explain each period of time. Historical overviews highlight important historical happenings of the time. Other features include background notes, daily life, time panels, time capsules, time charts, maps, scripture references, glossary, concordance, and index of scripture passages.

I was impressed with this Bible. It is a unique approach to scripture that I had not seen before. I especially liked the color illustrations and maps. I would recommend this Bible to anyone truly looking for an in depth study of God’s Word.


I received this Bible free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.



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