Book Review, “Bedtime Prayers That End with a Hug!,” Stephen Elkins author

Bedtime prayers that end with hug coverBedtime Prayers That End with a Hug!, by Stephen Elkins, is a wonderful book.  Designed for children ages three through five, it not only defines prayer, but also to whom we are praying and what kinds of things we should pray about.  It encourages parents and children to read each night before bedtime and pray together.  Then, in closing, it emphasizes the importance of regular family prayers and affection by ending each session with a hug.

This hardcover book has a padded front cover. Each day includes snuggle time, bedtime Bible thought, my hug-a-bye prayer, and hug time.  Topics include praising God, fears, remembering God’s Word, loving others, and many more.  In addition, Ruth Zeglin has created beautiful illustrations that capture one’s attention and complete the comprehension for young children.

I enjoyed this book for both its incredible illustrations and its content.  I would recommend it to anyone who has young children or grandchildren.  It is difficult in this day and age to bring children up in the ways of the Lord, and this book is a great assistance to any family.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.


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