Book Review, “An Amish Kitchen,” Kelly Long, Amy Clipston, and Beth Wiseman authors

An Amish Kitchen, by Kelly Long, Amy Clipston, and Beth Wiseman, is a compilation of three stories.  All of them are wonderful tales of women in the same community going through difficult situations.

In the first, A Taste of Faith, by Kelly Long, Fern Zook tries to help the next door neighbor care for his younger siblings in the absence of his parents.  She is the local natural healer of sorts, giving out many natural and herbal treatments for health issues.  In the process of helping him, she finds herself falling in love.

In A Spoonful of Love, by Amy Clipston, Hannah King is running her parents’ bed and breakfast almost single handedly when a stranger, Stephen Esh, comes to stay.  When her brother hires him as their handyman to fix up the place, she faces her mother’s anger at the situation.  Nevertheless, she can’t help enjoying his company very much.

In A Recipe for Hope, by Beth Wiseman, Eve Bender and her family must move in with her parents for weeks while their home is being repaired.  She and her mother have never felt close, except when cooking, and differ on how to raise three teenage boys.  With her mother’s health issues making life together even more difficult, Eve doesn’t know how she will survive the time staying there.

I enjoyed all of these stories.  They were well written and charming.  I could relate to many of the characters and their problems dealing with family and community members.  I recommend this book to all who enjoy Amish fiction.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.


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