Book Review, “Oliver Twist,” Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production

oliver twist coverOliver Twist, a Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production, is amazing!  This five CD audio series has a truly wonderful cast that brings the characters to life, complete with sound effects.  It also comes with a DVD that includes a documentary of the making of the production as well as a look at some true stories of modern day orphans.

This is the story of an orphan boy in England who is born and raised in an orphanage, struggles at a country work house, and runs away to find himself on the streets of London with a group of criminals.  The unexpected twists and turns in the story keep one wondering just how much one boy is expected to survive.  It seems that just when Oliver finds people who care for him and are willing to offer assistance, the situation turns sour.  Your heart will go out to him over and over again.

Even if you have read this classic story by Charles Dickens, you will want to listen to this series.  It draws you in and holds your attention to the very end, leaving you wishing that your short drive was just a little longer so you could hear more of the story!  I highly recommend this for people of all ages.


I received this free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive

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