Book Review, “Lovelier Than Daylight,” Rosslyn Elliott author

Lovelier Than Daylight, by Rosslyn Elliott, is the third book in The Saddler’s Legacy series.  It tells the story of Susanna Hanby and Johann Giere in the Columbus, Ohio area in 1875.    Some of the characters in this story are based on real people of the time, while others are purely fictional.

Susanna Hanby decides to visit her sister on her way to college, but is dismayed to find her sister, as well as her sister’s six children, missing.  Her brother-in-law presents outrageous accusations regarding Susanna’s sister and tells her the children are gone.  Susanna sets about finding her family, discovering the children in two orphanages.  Her aunt and uncle, Will and Ann Hanby, try to assist her in helping the children and finding her sister, but in the end it is Johann Giere who becomes the most helpful.

I enjoyed this book.  Having read the first book of the series but missed the second one, I found myself wanting to go back and read book two.  Still, I thought this story was able to stand alone, even if one had not read the other two.  I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.


I received this book free from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.


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